Final Fantasy Tactics Accessories

Here you will find a complete listing of the Final Fantasy Tactics accessories that can be acquired. Most of them can be purchased in shops as you progress through the game. However, other accessories may need to be found in battle by using the “Move-Find Item” movement ability, poaching monsters, or stealing them from other characters in various locations.

The Final Fantasy Tactics accessories on this page are categorized based on their type. In each table, you will find a specific accessory’s downloadable icon, name, location, cost, and attributes.


Item Name Location Cost Attributes
Power Wrist Icon Power Wrist Shop 5,000 AT Strength +1
Genji Gauntlet Icon Genji Gauntlet Steal: Elmdor 10 AT Strength +1, MA Strength +2
Magic Gauntlet Icon Magic Gauntlet Shop 20,000 MA Strength +2
Bracer Icon Bracer Shop 50,000 AT Strength +3


Item Name Location Cost Attributes
Battle Boots Icon Battle Boots Shop 1,000 Move +1
Spike Boots Icon Spike Boots Shop 1,200 Jump +1
Germinas Boots Icon Germinas Boots Shop 5,000 Move +1, Jump +1
Rubber Shoes Icon Rubber Shoes Shop 1,500 Cancels: Lightning, Don’t Move
Feather Boots Icon Feather Boots Shop 2,500 Always: Levitate
Sprint Shoes Icon Sprint Shoes Shop 7,000 Speed +1
Red Shoes Icon Red Shoes Shop 10,000 MA Strength +1, Move +1


Item Name Location Cost Attributes
Reflect Ring Icon Reflect Ring Shop 10,000 Always: Reflect
Defense Ring Icon Defense Ring Shop 5,000 Cancels: Sleep, Death Sentence
Magic Ring Icon Magic Ring Shop 10,000 Cancels: Silence, Berserk
Cursed Ring Icon Cursed Ring Battle 60 0 AT Strength +1, MA Strength +1, Speed +1
Cancels: Invitation
Always: Undead
Angel Ring Icon Angel Ring Shop 20,000 Cancels: Darkness, Dead
Always: Reraise


Item Name Location Cost Attributes
Diamond Armlet Icon Diamond Armlet Shop 5,000 AT Strength +1, MA Strength +1
Cancels: Slow
Jade Armlet Icon Jade Armlet Shop 10,000 Cancels: Stop, Petrify
108 Gems Icon 108 Gems Shop 15,000 Cancels: Zombie, Blood Suck, Frog, Poison
Strengthens: All attributes
N-Kai Armlet Icon N-Kai Armlet Shop 10,000 Cancels: Charm, Confusion
Halves: Darkness
Defense Armlet Icon Defense Armlet Shop 7,000 Cancels: Don’t Move, Don’t Act


Item Name Location Cost Attributes
Small Mantle Icon Small Mantle Shop 300
Leather Mantle Icon Leather Mantle Shop 800
Wizard Mantle Icon Wizard Mantle Shop 2,000 MA Strength +1
Elf Mantle Icon Elf Mantle Shop 8,000
Dracula Mantle Icon Dracula Mantle Shop 15,000
Feather Mantle Icon Feather Mantle Shop 20,000
Vanish Mantle Icon Vanish Mantle Battle 40 Adds: Invisible


Item Name Location Cost Attributes
Chantage Icon Chantage Poach: Porky 60,000 Always: Reraise, Regen
Cherche Icon Cherche Poach: King Behemoth 60,000 Always: Levitate, Reflect
Setiemson Icon Setiemson Poach: Hydra 60,000 MA Strength +1
Always: Haste
Adds: Invisible
Salty Rage Icon Salty Rage Poach: Red Dragon 60,000 Always: Protect, Shell