Final Fantasy Tactics Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Chapter One: The Meager

Prologue: Orbonne Monastery

The Final Fantasy Tactics Chapter 1 Walkthrough begins with a battle at Orbonne Monastery. You are only able to control Ramza Beoulve, the main character in the game. In this scene, you witness the kidnapping of Princess Ovelia by a soldier who looks just like a man named Delita Hyral.

Mission One: Defending Igros Castle

The very first mission in Chapter One sends Ramza, Delita, and their army of Hokuten cadets to defend Igros Castle from the Death Corps, a group of disenfranchised soldiers from the 50-Year War. In the process, they meet and save a young guard named Algus who is the protector of an unknown man named Marquis Elmdor. You find out that Elmdor’s embassy was ambushed on its way to Igros Castle.

  1. Magic City Gariland

    • Battle 2: Magic City Gariland
    • Events: Delita joins your party as a Guest member!
  2. Mandalia Plains

    • Battle 3: Mandalia Plains
    • Events: If you choose option #2 before continuing with the battle, your Brave points will be raised. Also, Algus joins your party as a Guest member!
  3. Igros Castle

Mission Two: Saving Marquis Elmdor

Even though Ramza’s brothers ordered him to protect Igros Castle, Ramza joins Algus on his quest to rescue his lord, Marquis Elmdor.

  1. Igros Castle

  2. Sweegy Woods

    • Battle 4: Sweegy Woods
  3. Dorter Trade City

    • Battle 5: The Slums of Dorter
  4. Zeklaus Desert

    • Battle 6: The Cellar of the Sand Mouse
  5. Igros Castle Mission Three

Mission Three

Strongly rebuked by his brothers, Dycedarg and Zalbag, for not following their orders and praised for the success of his mission, Ramza, Algus, and the rest of the team are sent to do away with the thieves who are responsible for Elmdor’s kidnapping.

  1. Igros Castle

  2. Thieves’ Fort

    • Battle 7: Thieves’ Fort
  3. Igros Castle

    • Event: Algus leaves your party
  4. Lenalia Plateau

    • Battle 8: Lenalia Plateau
  5. Fovoham Plains

    • Battle 9: Windmill Shed
  6. Fort Zeakden

    • Battle 10: Fort Zeakden

Battle Map 1 – Orbonne Monastery

Orbonne Monastery Map (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Lezales (Knight), Archer x3, Chemist x1
Difficulty Level: 1/5
Recommended Experience Level: N/A
Treasure Data: None

In this battle, you are only able to control Ramza, while the computer controls all other characters, both your allies and the enemies. This allows you to keep your focus on one player rather than having to worry about understanding the fine points of using the game’s battle system in such a short period of time.

Orbonne Monastery Battle (Final Fantasy Tactics)

However, you should take the opportunity to experiment with how movements and actions function on the battlefield and also learn how to use tools including the AT and Unit lists. Don’t be concerned about making wrong moves and whatnot. If Ramza’s HP falls below the zero mark for any reason, he will merely fall unconscious and be unable to act as the rest of the battle plays out.

Battle Map 2 – Magic City Gariland

Magic City Gariland Map (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Squire x4, Chemist x1
Difficulty Level: 1/5
Recommended Experience Level: 1
Treasure Data: None
Recommended Attack Team:
Male Squire Female Squire Ramza Beoulve (Squire) Male Squire Female Squire

There are five enemies that you need to defeat on this battlefield. Two of them will pose an immediate threat to you: the Squire, who leads the gang of Brigands, and the Chemist. Eliminating them should be your main priority.

The Squire leading the Brigands is equipped with a Broad Sword Icon Broad Sword which causes more damage than the Dagger Icon Daggers the others have. Removing him from the battle’s start will lessen the damage your party members may incur.

Magic City Gariland Battle (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Getting rid of the Chemist, whose key abilities include Action Ability Icon Potion and Action Ability Icon Phoenix Down, keeps him from hiding away in the background while annoyingly aiding his allies that you’re trying to get rid of. Also, if you wait long enough for the Chemist’s body to turn into a crystal, one of your party members has an opportunity to acquire the Action Ability Icon Phoenix Down ability.

Take your time. It’s better for you to complete the battle successfully with all your characters alive than to finish it as fast as possible. Since most of your party starts out with 30 to 40 HP, make sure you have a Chemist close by to keep everyone healthy. In this battle, you won’t be able to revive fallen allies, so once their counter is up, you lose them forever. If this happens to Ramza, it’s Game Over.

The nice thing is that Delita, a Guest in your party, fights by your side. Unfortunately, however, you can’t control his actions or movements. When guests die on the battlefield and you are unable to revive them, you don’t lose them for good. You just won’t be able to use their help for that specific battle.

After you destroy the head Squire and the Chemist, the remaining Squires are not that difficult to defeat, so long as you remember to heal your party members when necessary.

Battle Map 3 – Mandalia Plains

Note: From now on, in order to find hidden treasures on the battlefield, a character equipped with the Chemist’s Movement Ability Icon Move-Find Item movement ability must end his/her turn on the provided map coordinates. Luck alone determines which item your character will receive when he/she lands on a particular panel. You should also keep in mind that, after you pick up an item, the panel becomes a trap.

Mandalia Plains Map (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Objective: Defeat all enemies or Safe Algus!
Enemy Units: Squire x4, Thief x1, Red Panther x1
Difficulty Level: 1/5
Recommended Experience Level: 2
Recommended Attack Team:
Female Squire Ramza Beoulve (Squire) Female Squire Male Squire

Treasure Data:
X:0 Y:0 — Dagger Icon Dagger or Potion Icon Potion
X:4 Y:4 — Broad Sword Icon Broad Sword or Hi-Potion Icon Hi-Potion
X:4 Y:12 — Rod Icon Rod or Antidote Icon Antidote
X:8 Y:6 — Oak Staff Icon Oak Staff or Eye Drop Icon Eye Drop

If you choose “Destroy the Death Corps” as your objective, don’t be too concerned if Algus dies because he’s a Guest in your party and merely becomes incapacitated if his HP falls to zero. However, if you choose “Save Algus!” as your objective, then not only do you have to defeat all enemies on the battlefield, but you will also have to ensure that Algus is alive by the end of the battle. By selecting “Destroy the Death Corps” and successfully playing through this battle, your entire party’s HP will increase by two and an additional eight points for the duration of the battle. It also lets you keep your distance from enemies and makes them advance into range.

Of the enemies in this battle, especially watch out for the Thief and the Red Panther. The Thief has the ability Action Ability Icon Steal Heart, which charms the affected unit into acting against your party. As soon as a character is charmed, you lose control of him/her until the effect wears off or he/she receives damage from a successful attack. The Red Panther’s second attack type, Ability Icon Poison Nail poisons a character and causes him/her to lose HP with each AT until the effect either wears off or the Antidote Icon Antidote item is used.

Depending on how consistently the enemies attack Algus from the beginning, you may find making your way over to protect him (including using Potion Icon Potions to keep him alive) your first action. Sometimes an enemy unit will kill him before your party has an AT. If “Save Algus” is your objective of choice, it’s game over and you’ll have to start again.

The best way to get through this battle is to group your allies. If you divide your party into two to three units, you benefit from strength in numbers. While some members of the party focus on rescuing and protecting Algus, the other members can carefully advance and deal with the group of Squires and the Red Panther. Using this tactic gives you a better chance of surviving if you let the enemies come to you instead of rushing to them and eventually becoming surrounded.

Note: Once you successfully complete this battle, it becomes an area where random battles can occur. Enemies/monsters that you could encounter include Goblins, Chocobos, Panthers, Morbols, Wizards, Archers, Knights, Squires, Oracles, and Thieves.