Final Fantasy Tactics Characters

All the Final Fantasy Tactics characters who join your party as a guest or member have special Job Classes that are both unique and familiar. Each class is based on the Squire class and shares the same reaction, support, and movements skills, as well as position in the job hierarchy. Its action abilities, however, are unique to its Job Class and reflect the character’s position in the game. Furthermore, each of these NPC classes contains bonuses that make it difficult to rationalize training a character in the regular Job Classes!

Below is a list of all the Final Fantasy Tactics characters that you can acquire in your Attack Team (as full-time members). Click on a sprite to view more about that character.

Ramza Beoulve - Cadet Sprite (Final Fantasy Tactics Characters) Agrias Oaks Sprite Mustadio Bunanza Sprite Rafa Galthana Sprite Malak Galthana Sprite Meliadoul Tingel Sprite Cidolfas Orlandu Sprite Beowulf Kadmus Sprite Worker 8 Sprite Reis Dular Sprite Cloud Strife Sprite Byblos Sprite