Agrias Oaks – Final Fantasy Tactics Characters

Job Class: Holy Knight
Weapons: Sword, Knight Sword, Bag, Shield
Helmets: Helmet, Ribbon
Armor: Armor, Robe

In Final Fantasy Tactics, Agrias Oaks joins your party first as a guest and then as a full-time member. She’s one of the most powerful characters you will have the chance to use during Chapters Two and Three, so make sure she stays protected. Although her baseline statistics don’t improve on the average, her AT strength and HP base is higher than most female characters. In addition, her Holy Sword attacks tend to be more powerful than most of your party’s at the time. Not only do these sword spells do a lot of HP damage to enemy units (especially when using stronger swords), they can also add negative status anomalies such as Stop, Death Sentence, Confusion, and Silence. Furthermore, Agrias’ attacks have a reasonable range, allowing her to support the attack team while not putting herself at risk on the front line. Due to the power of her Holy Sword skills, it’ll definitely be a good idea to learn the Knight’s support ability, Equip Sword. Doing so will allow you to still use Agrias’ primary skills while training her in a class that doesn’t allow the use of a sword.
Agrias Oaks Sprite
Agrias Oaks Sprite

Baseline Statistics

Move Jump Speed C-EV AT +/- MA +/- HP +/- MP +/-
3 3 8 25% + + + +

Holy Sword (Requires Sword or Knight Sword to execute)

Name Description Range Effect Vertical MP Speed JP
Stasis Sword Basic Holy Elemental Sword attack.
Adds: Stop
2 2 0 Now 100
Split Punch Holy Elemental Sword attack.
Adds: Death Sentence
3 1 2 Now 400
Crush Punch Holy Elemental Sword attack.
Adds: Dead
3 1 1 Now 500
Lightning Stab Powerful Lightning Elemental Sword attack.
Adds: Silence
3 2 1 Now 700
Holy Explosion Powerful Holy Elemental Sword attack with a long effect radius.
Adds: Confusion
5 5 2 Now 800

NOTE: Other users of the Holy Sword skills include Delita (Chapters Two and Four) and Wiegraf, the White Knight.