Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy Tactics Characters

Job Class: Soldier
Weapons: Sword
Helmets: Hat
Armor: Clothes

After a lengthy journey in Chapter Four that takes you all over Ivalice (specifically the area close to Zeltennia Castle and Goug Machine City), you will be able to talk Cloud Strife into joining your party. For the Final Fantasy VII fans out there this will be an exciting moment, as they are able to relive memories of the game. After all, the Cloud you encounter in Final Fantasy Tactics is identical to the FFVII hero, from his spiky hair to the devastating attacks produced by his hidden Materia Blade. These Limit attacks have been taken from the pages of FFVII and translated to FFT format for your enjoyment.

The downside of this event, however, is that Cloud must be trained starting at Level one–a difficult task, especially so late in the fourth chapter, when your other characters should be at Level 50 or higher.
Cloud Strife Sprite
Cloud Strife Sprite

Baseline Statistics

Move Jump Speed C-EV AT +/- MA +/- HP +/- MP +/-
3 3 9 20% + + + +

Limit (Requires Materia Blade to execute)

Name Description Range Effect Vertical MP Speed JP
Braver Samurai-style sword attack. 2 1 34 150
Cross-slash Cuts enemies within effect radius four times. 2 2 0 25 200
Blade Beam Similar to Shock!–the greater your damage, the more damage you can inflict. 2 1 20 250
Climhazzard The greater the target’s damage, the more damage you can inflict. 2 1 15 450
Meteorain Attack causes a meteor to fall on targets. 3 3 0 10 560
Finishing Touch Causes different status anomalies.
Adds: Dead, Petrify, Stop
3 2 0 20 670
Omnislash The ultimate limit skill. 3 3 0 7 900
Cherry Blossom The most powerful limit skill. 3 3 0 5 1200