Meliadoul Tingel – Final Fantasy Tactics Characters

Job Class: Divine Knight
Weapons: Sword, Knight Sword, Crossbow, Spear, Bag, Shield
Helmets: Helmet
Armor: Armor, Robe

Although you meet her on opposing sides of the battlefield, Meliadoul Tingel eventually comes around to your side and adds her strengths to the party. Meliadoul is one of three Divine Knights you will meet as you progress through the game. Therefore, using her in your attack team gives you the opportunity to understand how they battle and what tactics you will need to defeat them.

At the base of their power is the action skill set Mighty Sword, comprising four sword spells that target specific pieces of enemy armament. These spells cause tremendous HP damage with the bonus of breaking the item they target. From among them, Hellcry Punch is one of the best; it seeks the target’s weapon and renders it unusable.

Oddly, this is the most effective way of disarming enemy Divine Knights or other enemy Job Classes whose action abilities rely on their weapons. However, although these attacks are great when used against human foes equipped with the targeted equipment, they’re useless against monsters and humans lacking the sought-after items. Pay attention to the success ratio when placing one of these attacks!
Meliadoul Tingel Sprite
Meliadoul Tingel Sprite

Baseline Statistics

Move Jump Speed C-EV AT +/- MA +/- HP +/- MP +/-
4 3 9 12% + +

Mighty Sword (Requires Sword or Knight Sword to execute)

Name Description Range Effect Vertical MP Speed JP
Shellbust Stab Does HP damage and destroys target’s armor. 3 1 Now 200
Blastar Punch Does HP damage and destroys target’s helmet. 3 1 Now 400
Hellcry Punch Does HP damage and destroys target’s weapon. 3 1 Now 500
Icewolf Bite Does HP damage and destroys target’s accessory. 3 1 Now 800

NOTE: Other Divine Knights in Final Fantasy Tactics include Vormav and his henchman, Rofel.