Mustadio Bunanza – Final Fantasy Tactics Characters

Job Class: Engineer
Weapons: Gun
Helmets: Hat
Armor: Clothes

Mustadio Bunanza appears to be weak when you first acquire him and look at his stats. However, his Snipe action skills, which allow him to immobilize enemy units from a far distance, make him a great addition to your attack team. Also, the Engineer class allows Mustadio to equip any weapon and still use his primary abilities. Aside from his primary Job Class, if you prefer to keep a gun in his hand, Mustadio makes an excellent Chemist. On the other hand, a smart thing to do is train Mustadio in the Mediator Job Class so that you can learn the Equip Gun skill. Doing so allows you to use a gun no matter what you are.
Mustadio Bunanza Sprite
Mustadio Bunanza Sprite

Baseline Statistics

Move Jump Speed C-EV AT +/- MA +/- HP +/- MP +/-
3 4 10 18% +


Name Description Range Effect Vertical MP Speed JP
Leg Aim Prevents target from moving.
Adds: Don’t Move
Depends on weapon 0 Now 200
Arm Aim Prevents target from attacking.
Adds: Don’t Act
Depends on weapon 0 Now 300
Seal Evil Turns undead targets into stone.
Adds: Petrify
Depends on weapon 0 Now 200

NOTE: Another Engineer in Final Fantasy Tactics is Balk.