Worker 8 – Final Fantasy Tactics Characters

Job Class: Steel Giant
Weapons: N/A
Helmets: N/A
Armor: N/A

The Steel Giant, Worker 8, joins your party after you resurrect its machinery using the Quarius Stone. It’s a powerful robot who attacks enemies with its mechanical brawn. However, each attack from its Work skill set causes it to lose a small amount of HP. When it joins the party, it’s already mastered its skill sets and is permanently afflicted with the Innocent status anomaly.
Worker 8 Sprite
Worker 8 Sprite

Baseline Statistics

Move Jump Speed C-EV AT +/- MA +/- HP +/- MP +/-
3 3 8 0% + +


Name Description Range Effect Vertical MP Speed JP
Destroy Aims to destroy its target. 1 1 2 Now 0
Compress Aims to compress its target.
Adds: Dead
1 1 2 Now 0
Dispose Disposes of all enemies at once within effect range. 8 1 Now 0
Crush Aims to crush its target. 1 1 0 Now 0

NOTE: Another character who uses the “Work” skills set is Worker 7, who you will run into at Nelveska Temple.