Final Fantasy Tactics GameShark Codes

In order to activate the following Final Fantasy Tactics GameShark codes, you must have a GameShark or Pro Action Replay cartridge. Also, the codes below are for the North American (NTSC) version of Final Fantasy Tactics.

CT full for character 1:
801924FC 0064

CT full for character 2:
801926BC 0064

CT full for character 3:
8019287C 0064

CT full for character 4:
80192A3C 0064

CT full for character 5:
80192BFC 0064

Unlimited Gil:
800577CE 0FFF

Unlimited HP character 1:
801924F4 03E7
801924F6 03E7

Unlimited HP character 2:
801926B4 03E7
801926B6 03E7

Unlimited HP character 3:
80192874 03E7
80192876 03E7

Unlimited HP character 4:
80192A34 03E7
80192A36 03E7

Unlimited HP character 5:
80192BF4 03E7
80192BF6 03E7

Unlimited MP character 1:
801924F8 03E7
801924FA 03E7

Unlimited MP character 2:
801926B8 03E7
801926BA 03E7

Unlimited MP character 3:
80192878 03E7
8019287A 03E7

Unlimited MP character 4:
80192A38 03E7
80192A3A 03E7

Unlimited MP character 5:
80192BF8 03E7
80192BFA 03E7

Job points never go down:
D004760C 0001
8011FAD4 0000

Quick level up in battle:
801924EC 63FF
801926AC 63FF
8019286C 63FF
80192A2C 63FF
80192BEC 63FF

Battle debug menu:
8016BC1C 0003

Debug mode:
8009A05C 0041
8009ABF6 0041

Have all items:
50006F02 0000
80059700 6363

Get Cloud Strife:
80058874 0932
80058876 0032
8005888A 0F0F
8005889E FFFF
80058932 2F0C
80058934 3832
80058936 FF27