Final Fantasy Tactics Helmets

This is the Final Fantasy Tactics helmets page. Like most items, you can find helmets in shops and the variety changes as you progress through the game. In some cases, you will have to do some work to get rare helmets, such as stealing them from special characters, poaching monsters, or even finding them scattered on a specific battlefield. You could even go as far as using a Mediator to force a character to join your party, just so you can unequip a helmet or other item that you want to get your hands on.

The list of Final Fantasy Tactics helmets below displays the downloadable icons, names, HP and MP values, locations, costs, and attributes, and the helmets are categorized based on their type.


Item Name HP+ MP+ Location Cost Attributes
Leather Hat Icon Leather Hat 8 0 Shop 150
Feather Hat Icon Feather Hat 16 5 Shop 350
Red Hood Icon Red Hood 24 8 Shop 800
Headgear Icon Headgear 32 0 Shop 1,200 AT Strength +1
Triangle Hat Icon Triangle Hat 40 12 Shop 1,800 MA Strength +1
Green Beret Icon Green Beret 48 0 Shop 3,000 Speed +1
Twisted Headband Icon Twisted Headband 56 0 Shop 5,000 AT Strength +2
Holy Miter Icon Holy Miter 64 20 Shop 6,000 MA Strength +1
Black Hood Icon Black Hood 72 0 Shop 7,000
Golden Hairpin Icon Golden Hairpin 80 50 Shop 12,000 Cancels: Silence
Flash Hat Icon Flash Hat 88 15 Shop 16,000 MA Strength +1, Speed +1
Thief Hat Icon Thief Hat 100 0 Shop 35,000 Speed +2
Cancels: Don’t Move, Don’t Act


Item Name HP+ MP+ Location Cost Attributes
Leather Helmet Icon Leather Helmet 10 0 Shop 200
Bronze Helmet Icon Bronze Helmet 20 0 Shop 500
Iron Helmet Icon Iron Helmet 30 0 Shop 1,000
Barbuta Icon Barbuta 40 0 Shop 1,500
Mythril Helmet Icon Mythril Helmet 50 0 Shop 2,100
Gold Helmet Icon Gold Helmet 60 0 Shop 2,800
Cross Helmet Icon Cross Helmet 70 0 Shop 4,000
Diamond Helmet Icon Diamond Helmet 80 0 Shop 6,000
Platinum Helmet Icon Platinum Helmet 90 0 Shop 8,000
Circlet Icon Circlet 100 0 Shop 10,000
Crystal Helmet Icon Crystal Helmet 120 0 Shop 14,000
Genji Helmet Icon Genji Helmet 130 0 Steal: Elmdor
Grand Helmet Icon Grand Helmet 150 0 Battle 63 10 Cancels: Darkness, Sleep


Item Name HP+ MP+ Location Cost Attributes
Cachusha Icon Cachusha 20 0 Poach: Uribo 20,000 Cancels: Undead, Darkness, Silence, Poison, Slow, Don’t Move, Don’t Act, Death Sentence, Frog
Barette Barette 20 0 Remove: Alma 20,000 Cancels: Dead, Petrify, Confusion, Blood Suck, Berserk, Stop, Charm, Sleep, Invitation
Ribbon Ribbon 10 0 Poach: Wild Boar 60,000 Cancels: Dead, Undead, Petrify, Invitation, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Blood Suck, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Slow, Stop, Charm, Sleep, Don’t Move, Don’t Act, Death Sentence