Final Fantasy Tactics Items

Final Fantasy Tactics items range from curatives to projectiles and, with the exception of the Elixir, they can be easily found in shops. The Elixir must be found by using the Move-Find Item movement ability on the grounds of different battlefields.

Curatives are items that essentially cure your party of any ailments, or increase their base HP and MP. Projectiles are “Throw” items that the Ninja job class is able to use in battle. When thrown, these items can inflict a good amount of damage on enemies.

The Final Fantasy Tactics items list below is categorized by type and comprises of downloadable icons, item names, locations, costs, and effects.

Curative Items

Item Name Location Cost Effects
Potion Icon Potion Shop 50 Cures 30 HP
Hi-Potion Icon Hi-Potion Shop 200 Cures 70 HP
X-Potion Icon X-Potion Shop 700 Cures 150 HP
Ether Icon Ether Shop 200 Cures 20 MP
Hi-Ether Icon Hi-Ether Shop 600 Cures 50 MP
Elixir Icon Elixir 5 Cures all HP & MP
Antidote Icon Antidote Shop 50 Cancels: Poison
Eye Drop Icon Eye Drop Shop 50 Cancels: Darkness
Echo Grass Icon Echo Grass Shop 50 Cancels: Silence
Maiden's Kiss Icon Maiden’s Kiss Shop 50 Cancels: Frog
Soft Icon Soft Shop 100 Cancels: Petrify
Holy Water Icon Holy Water Shop 2,000 Cancels: Undead, Blood Suck
Remedy Icon Remedy Shop 350 Cancels: Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Oil, Frog, Poison, Sleep
Phoenix Down Icon Phoenix Down Shop 300 Restores an unpredictable amount of HP
Cancels: Dead


Item Name Location Cost Effects
Shuriken Icon Shuriken Shop 50
Magic Shuriken Icon Magic Shuriken Shop 300
Yagyu Darkness Icon Yagyu Darkness Shop 1,000
Fire Ball Icon Fire Ball Shop 250 Fire Elemental (“Throw” Item)
Water Ball Icon Water Ball Shop 250 Water Elemental (“Throw” Item)
Lightning Ball Icon Lightning Ball Shop 250 Lightning Elemental (“Throw” Item)