Final Fantasy Tactics Job Classes

The Job Class system gives all playable characters access to 20 different Final Fantasy Tactics Job Classes, each having their own innate abilities and pros and cons. Most jobs have prerequisites before you can gain access to their classes, making it much more rewarding to unlock them. With more than 400 action, reaction, support, and movement abilities available, you can combine action skills with other abilities to produce limitless variations of the Job Classes.

The Job Classes are primarily based around two career hierarchies. Firstly, Squires represent the foundation for the warrior path and are the key to unlocking physically demanding jobs such as the Knight, Monk, Lancer, Ninja, and Samurai. Secondly, Chemists give you an opportunity to train in the magical arts. Regardless of the path you choose, more powerful classes are available for your characters as they work their way through the various hierarchies.

There are several ways to navigate job paths and train your characters, but no one way is better than the other. The Job Class system is designed to reward you regardless of whether you move your party slowly through the job hierarchies, mastering each as you go, or treat specific classes as a means to gain more powerful and complex professions. Spending significant time to reach the higher levels of the earlier Job Classes before moving on to the stronger ones gives you a better chance of starting later jobs such as the Samurai or Ninja at a higher level with more JP. In contrast, staying in a Job Class just enough to reach the level required by one of the stronger jobs gives you the ability to use their strengths earlier in the game.

Also, a character’s gender has an impact on his/her basic stats. For example, female units generally have higher Magic Points (MP) and Magic Attack (MA) strength, while male units have better Hit Points (HP) and Physical Attack (AT) strength. The differences are not that noticeable (you could see 1 or 2 points difference when it comes to MA vs. AT strength, as well as from 5 to 20 HP and 2 to 5 MP difference). However, knowing this may entice you to train your female characters solely in the magic field and your male characters in the physical area. If you do this, it is important to note that you will not be able to reach the Dancer (female only) and Bard (male only) Job Classes, as they require you to train your characters both as magicians and soldiers.

Below you can access the different Final Fantasy Tactics Job Classes. To view a particular job, simply click on the image that represents it.

Level One Job Classes (Squire, Chemist)

Squire Job Class Chemist Job Class

Level Two Job Classes (Knight, Archer, Priest, Wizard)

Knight Job Class Archer Job Class Priest Job Class Wizard Job Class

Level Three Job Classes (Monk, Thief, Time Mage, Oracle)

Monk Job Class Thief Job Class Time Mage Job Class Oracle Job Class

Level Four Job Classes (Geomancer, Lancer, Mediator, Summoner)

Geomancer Job Class Lancer Job Class Mediator Job Class Summoner Job Class

Combination Classes (Samurai, Ninja, Calculator, Dancer, Bard, Mime)

Samurai Job Class Ninja Job Class Calculator Job Class Dancer Job Class Bard Job Class Mime Job Class