Chemist Job Class – Final Fantasy Tactics

Chemist Job Class (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Requirements: None
Weapons: Knife, Gun
Helmets: Hat
Armor: Clothes

The Chemist Job Class forms the foundation of the magician career path and has one of the most durable action ability sets of the entire group. In order to use the potions and curatives you find in the game, you must explore the Chemist class.

Like most jobs associated with the magical arts, the Chemist class suffers from reduced HP and AT strength. Although this class can use knives, its best weapon is definitely the gun, which first appears for sale in Goug Machine City near the end of Chapter Two. The gun features a long attack range and its power rivals many hand-held weapons, especially once you have acquired one of the three spell guns. On the battlefield, the Chemist is generally meant to be placed in the background, providing healing support to its allies. The Chemist’s intrinsic ability is throwing items, which it can do up to a distance of four panels. Before you throw items though, check your aim so that you have a 100 percent chance of hitting your desired target.
Male Chemist Job Class Sprite Female Chemist Job Class Sprite
Male Chemist Job Class Sprite Female Chemist Job Class Sprite

Baseline Statistics

Move Jump Speed C-EV AT +/- MA +/- HP +/- MP +/-
3 3 8 5% Same Same


Name Description Range Effect Vertical MP Speed JP
Potion Recovers 30 HP. Causes damage to the undead. 4 1 Now 30
Hi-Potion Recovers 70 HP. Causes damage to the undead. 4 1 Now 200
X-Potion The strongest potion, recovering 150 HP. Causes damage to the undead. 4 1 Now 300
Ether Recovers 20 MP. 4 1 Now 300
Hi-Ether Recovers 50 MP. 4 1 Now 400
Elixir Restores all HP and MP. Elixirs cannot be found in stores and must be found on the battlefield. 4 1 Now 900
Antidote Neutralizes all poisons.
Cancels: Poison
4 1 Now 70
Eye Drop Restores sight.
Cancels: Darkness
4 1 Now 80
Echo Grass Restores speech, allowing the character to cast spells again.
Cancels: Silence
4 1 Now 120
Maiden’s Kiss Changes the character back to his/her original shape.
Cancels: Frog
4 1 Now 200
Soft A golden needle which cures petrificaction.
Cancels: Petrify
4 1 Now 250
Holy Water Restores life to the undead.
Cancels: Undead, Blood Suck
4 1 Now 400
Remedy This all-purpose medicine cures most status anomalies.
Cancels: Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Oil, Frog, Poison, Sleep
4 1 Now 700
Phoenix Down This tailfeather revives dead units.
Cancels: Dead
4 1 Now 90