Monk Job Class – Final Fantasy Tactics

Monk Job Class (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Requirements: Knight Level Two
Weapons: None
Helmets: None
Armor: Clothes

With the exception of the Knight, the Monk Job Class is one of the best offensive-line jobs for the middle portion of Final Fantasy Tactics. The Monk is an unlikely choice, however, since it’s limited to its fists, weapon-wise, as well as the lightest of armor and no head protection. As a result, compared to a fully armored Knight, its HPs will seem lacking and make its ability to stand effectively in close proximity to the enemy suspect.

What the Monk lacks in HP it makes up for with a boost in speed, agility, and attack power. One blow with its bare fists often causes more damage to the enemy than a single sword strike, because its AT strength isn’t limited by a weapon’s power. Moreover, its action skills are perhaps the most versatile, ranging from deadly perimeter and distance attacks to restorative spells. In addition, as the Monk’s Brave points rise, so does its attack strength, which allows it to cause greater damage to enemies and provide greater healing to its allies.
Male Monk Job Class Sprite Female Monk Job Class Sprite
Male Monk Job Class Sprite Female Monk Job Class Sprite

Baseline Statistics

Move Jump Speed C-EV AT +/- MA +/- HP +/- MP +/-
3 4 9 20% + Same + +

Punch Art

Name Description Range Effect Vertical MP Speed JP
Spin Fist Character attacks surrounding enemies with his/her fists as he/she spins around. 1 2 0 Now 150
Repeating Fist Character punches the target repeatedly with his/her fist. 1 1 1 Now 300
Wave Fist Character can attack an enemy from afar with a surge of energy. 3 3 1 Now 300
Earth Slash A line of energy flowing through the ground causes damage to enemies standing in its path. The attack range for this skill covers eight panels directly radiating from the caster in the four cardinal directions and affects any enemy standing in the path chosen. This isn’t effective against enemies not in contact with the ground (flying or levitating). Earth Elemental. 8 4 directions 2 Now 600
Secret Fist Casts a Death Sentence on the enemy after attack. Do not use against undead enemies.
Adds: Death Sentence
1 1 0 Now 300
Stigma Magic Similar to the Esuna spell, it uses the spirit of Yang to nullify status anomalies.
Cancels: Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Sleep, Don’t Move, Don’t Act
1 2 0 Now 200
Chakra A concentration of Ki restores both HP and MP to the caster and those surrounding him/her. 1 2 0 Now 350
Revive Resurrects a dead character, restoring his/her HP slightly.
Cancels: Dead
1 1 0 Now 500