Samurai Job Class – Final Fantasy Tactics

Samurai Job Class (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Requirements: Knight Level Three, Monk Level Four, Lancer Level Two
Weapons: Katana
Helmets: Helmet
Armor: Armor, Robe

The Samurai Job Class is one of the most well-balanced on the warrior career path. Also, to learn its abilities is very time consuming! The Samurai is well-armored and can perform a variety of Draw attacks, from offensive to restorative. Due to this, this job is very similar to the Monk. However, to perform any of the Samurai’s action skills, the party must have at least one Katana for each spell learned within its inventory because Katanas have a tendency of breaking after attacks. You should also keep in mind that you are unable to use an equipped Katana for a Draw Out spell, unless another one is available in your inventory. This is to safeguard your character from being left without a weapon on the battlefield.

Furthermore, once you have filled your inventory with spare Katanas, any character using the Draw Out skill set as either their primary or secondary action skill can use these weapons. The costs are worth it, since the Samurai makes a powerful addition to your Attack Team.
Male Samurai Job Class Sprite Female Samurai Job Class Sprite
Male Samurai Job Class Sprite Female Samurai Job Class Sprite

Baseline Statistics

Move Jump Speed C-EV AT +/- MA +/- HP +/- MP +/-
3 3 8 20% + Same +

Draw Out

Name Description Range Effect Vertical MP Speed JP
Asura The slashing of an invisible blade causes damage to enemy units. 1 3 3 Now 100
Koutesu The wailing of a ghost causes damage to the enemy. 1 3 3 Now 180
Bizen Boat The whisper of the Katana’s spirit causes MP damage to the enemy. 1 3 3 Now 260
Murasame The tears of the Katana’s spirit restores HP of allied units. 1 3 3 Now 340
Heaven’s Cloud Magic Katana attack causing damage to enemy units.
Adds: Slow
1 3 3 Now 420
Kiyomori Spirit in the Katana protects allied units, reducing physical and magic damage.
Adds: Protect, Shell
1 3 3 Now 500
Muramasa Ghosts from the Katana make the enemy act unpredictably and in some cases sentences them to death.
Adds: Confusion, Death Sentence
1 3 3 Now 580
Kikuichimoji Vengeful spirit makes a beeline toward the enemy. 4 directions 8 3 Now 660
Masamune Katana spirit gradually restores ally’s HP and increases speed. Sword for attack must be stolen from Elmdor.
Adds: Regen, Haste
1 3 3 Now 740
Chirijiraden Powerful Katana attack that causes a blue flame to
attack enemy units. Sword for attack must be found in the Deep Dungeon.
1 3 3 Now 820