Thief Job Class – Final Fantasy Tactics

Thief Job Class (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Requirements: Archer Level Two
Weapons: Knife
Helmets: Hat
Armor: Clothes

The Thief Job Class has great skills, but lacks in its stats. Playing as this character will remind you of being a novice Squire at the beginning of the game. The Thief wears the lightest armor and can use only a knife to defend itself, making it seem like a liability on the battlefield, despite its speed and increased movement radius. However, it makes up for this with its abilities. The Steal skill set is one of the game’s most valuable skills and also necessary if you want to collect some rare items. It also gives you access to the Secret Hunt support skill, very much needed to poach monster skins for other rare items in the game.

Male Thief Job Class Sprite Female Thief Job Class Sprite
Male Thief Job Class Sprite Female Thief Job Class Sprite

Baseline Statistics

Move Jump Speed C-EV AT +/- MA +/- HP +/- MP +/-
4 4 9 25% +


Name Description Range Effect Vertical MP Speed JP
Gil Taking Character can steal gil from the enemy target. 1 1 1 Now 10
Steal Heart Charms enemy unit. Is revoked when unit takes damage.
Adds: Charm
3 1 Now 150
Steal Helmet Steal enemy’s equipped helmet. 1 1 1 Now 350
Steal Armor Steal enemy’s equipped armor. 1 1 1 Now 450
Steal Shield Steal enemy’s equipped shield. 1 1 1 Now 350
Steal Weapon Steal enemy’s equipped weapon. 1 1 1 Now 600
Steal Accessory Steal enemy’s equipped accessory. 1 1 1 Now 500
Steal Experience Steal enemy’s experience. 1 1 1 Now 250