Final Fantasy Tactics Shields

Final Fantasy Tactics shields help improve the defense (or evasiveness) of your allies in battle. Like other types of items, these shields can mostly be found in shops. However, rare shields will need to be found by using the Move-Find Item in battle, stealing them from other characters, or poaching them from monsters.

The Final Fantasy Tactics shields list below displays downloadable icons, shield names, S-Evade Physical and S-Evade Magical values, locations, costs, and attributes.

Item Name S-Ev Phys. S-Ev Mg. Location Cost Attributes
Escutcheon Icon Escutcheon 10% 3% Shop 400
Buckler Icon Buckler 13% 3% Shop 700
Bronze Shield Icon Bronze Shield 16% 0% Shop 1,200
Round Shield Icon Round Shield 19% 0% Shop 1,600
Mythril Shield Icon Mythril Shield 22% 5% Shop 2,500
Gold Shield Icon Gold Shield 25% 0% Shop 3,500
Ice Shield Icon Ice Shield 28% 0% Shop 6,000 Absorbs: Ice
Half: Fire
Weakness: Lightning
Flame Shield Icon Flame Shield 31% 0% Shop 6,500 Absorbs: Fire
Half: Ice
Weakness: Water
Aegis Shield Icon Aegis Shield 10% 50% Shop 10,000 AT Magic +1
Diamond Shield Icon Diamond Shield 34% 15% Shop 12,000
Platinum Shield Icon Platinum Shield 37% 10% Shop 16,000
Crystal Shield Icon Crystal Shield 40% 15% Shop 21,000
Genji Shield Icon Genji Shield 43% 0% Steal: Elmdor
Kaiser Plate Icon Kaiser Plate 46% 20% Battle 58 Strengthens: Fire, Lightning, Ice
Venetian Shield Icon Venetian Shield 50% 25% Battle 63 Half: Fire, Lightning, Ice