Aeris Gainsborough – Final Fantasy VII Characters

Final Fantasy VII Characters: Aeris Gainsborough's Face Icon

Age: 22
Date of Birth: February 7
Birthplace: Unknown
Blood Type: O
Height: 5’3″
Job: Flower Merchant
Weapon: Staff


A beautiful 22-year old, Aeris Gainsborough is a bright spot in the middle of a dark and dreary town. While selling flowers near AVALANCHE‚Äôs first target, Aeris’ life was forever altered after a chance meeting with Cloud. Because of her mysterious background, Shinra has pursued her for most of her life. Now she must fight against those who would enslave her and destroy what she holds most dear.

Aeris is the closest character Final Fantasy VII has to a dedicated magic user. Her physical attacks are fairly weak, but she possesses great skill with Materia and its various forms. Due to this off balance, you should put her in your back line and load her down with Materia. Let Aeris devote her energies to spell casting while her teammates concentrate on inflicting physical damage. This also takes advantage of her defensive-based Limit Breaks.