Cid Highwind – Final Fantasy VII Characters

Final Fantasy VII Characters: Cid Highwind's Face Icon

Age: 32
Date of Birth: February 22
Birthplace: Unknown
Blood Type: B
Height: 5’8″
Job: Pilot
Weapon: Spear


Cid Highwind is an expert pilot and mechanic who dreams of one day becoming the first man in space. His dream would have been fulfilled, but he aborted a launch in order to save the life of one of his crew. Now he spends his time trying to repair his inoperable rocket in the hopes that Shinra may one day reinstate its space program, giving him another chance at fulfilling his dream.

With his lance in hand, Cid is always prepared for battle. His fighting skills are top-notch and come in handy throughout most of the game. His Limit Breaks are very helpful when fighting the evil hordes that threaten to consume the land. You’ll notice that they all cause direct damage rather than affecting status or healing the party. Cid’s statistics are pretty average all the way around, which can help or hinder his performance depending on how he is equipped.