Red XIII – Final Fantasy VII Characters

Final Fantasy VII Characters: Red XIII's Face Icon

Age: 48
Date of Birth: Unknown
Birthplace: Cosmo Canyon
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 3’9″
Job: Beast
Weapon: Headdress


Although his fiery red fur may make him look like a wild animal, Red XIII’s intellect is well above that of most humans. Not much is known about Red XIII’s origin. He’s currently being held captive in Shinra’s headquarters where he’s forced to participate in their twisted experiments.

Red XIII is strong at both physical and magical combat. His sharp teeth and claws work well with his close-range fighting style, however, this limits his combat options and forces him to take a spot on the front line. There is a long range weapon for Red XIII, but it lacks Materia slots and forces him to act as a fighter. Red XIII makes a solid magic user when loaded down with Materia, but performs best with a more balanced approach. It’s best to always take advantage of his physical strength and Limit Breaks as well as his startling intellect.