Tifa Lockheart – Final Fantasy VII Characters

Final Fantasy VII Characters: Tifa Lockheart's Face Icon

Age: 20
Date of Birth: May 3
Birthplace: Nibelheim
Blood Type: B
Height: 5’4″
Job: Bar Hostess
Weapon: Gloves


Tifa Lockheart and Cloud were childhood friends, but parted ways when Cloud left his hometown of Nibelheim to join SOLDIER. When her parents died, Tifa also left Nibelheim and headed for Midgar. Soon after opening her bar, Tifa’s Seventh Heaven, she met Barret and joined his ragtag group of rebels known as AVALANCHE. It’s her goal to make sure Cloud remains with AVALANCHE after his first mission with the team.

When fighting, Tifa lets her fists do the talking. Her attacks are generally weaker than Cloud’s and Barret’s, but from early on her chain of Limit Breaks is by far the best thing going. Instead of selecting a single Limit Break, each new attack adds to the chain for a total of seven devastating hits. If she can score “Yeah!” on the twirling slots, she causes extra damage. If she stops a lot on “Miss,” she misses with that part of the combo. Tifa should always be a frontline fighter, but may have trouble contributing during some boss fights.