Vincent Valentine – Final Fantasy VII Characters

Final Fantasy VII Characters: Vincent Valentine's Face Icon

Age: 27
Date of Birth: October 13
Birthplace: Unknown
Blood Type: A
Height: 6’0″
Job: None
Weapon: Gun


Talk about a dark presence, Vincent Valentine sends chills down the toughest person’s spine. Although he may look evil at first, there’s a good soul trapped beneath his dark exterior. Vincent’s plight is yet another example of Shinra’s warped experimentation; however, there’s more to this story than just bungled scientific research.

Vincent is a strong fighter, much like Barret. He’s also quite competent with Materia and makes good use of it from the back row. His Limit Breaks are powerful, but sometimes unpredictable. Once he transforms, you’ll no longer be able to control Vincent. Make sure you’re familiar with your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses before Vincent transforms, or you may end up helping your enemies more than hurting them. Vincent will not join your party on his own. You will have to acquire him through other means.