Aeris Gainsborough’s Limit Breaks – Final Fantasy VII

Aeris Gainsborough’s limit breaks are categorized below, from levels 1 to 4.

Level 1 Limit Breaks

Healing Wind Limit Break

Healing Wind

Aeris restores the party’s lost Hit Points with the heavenly breeze.

Seal Evil Limit Break

Seal Evil

Aeris casts a mystic spell on a group of enemies, causing them all to stop and become silenced.

Level 2 Limit Breaks

Breath of the Earth Limit Break

Breath of the Earth

Magical beams of light cure the party of any existing negative statuses.

Fury Brand Limit Break

Fury Brand

Sacrificing her own Limit Attack, Aeris blasts the party with Holy power, which instantly fills each of her allies’ Limit gauges.

Level 3 Limit Breaks

Planet Protector Limit Break

Planet Protector

Aeris forms a protective barrier around the party that makes them temporarily invulnerable.

Pulse of Life Limit Break

Pulse of Life

With a quick word of prayer, Aeris completely cures the party of any ailments and restores any lost Hit Points or Magic Points.

Level 4 Limit Breaks

Great Gospel Limit Break

Great Gospel

Aeris summons the heavenly host and the party is fully recovered and made temporarily invulnerable.