Barret Wallace’s Limit Breaks – Final Fantasy VII

Barret Wallace’s limit breaks are categorized below, from levels 1 to 4.

Level 1 Limit Breaks

Big Shot Limit Break

Big Shot

Barret fires a large ball of energy from his gun, which causes massive damage to his opponent. For the first portion of the game the Big Shot should come in really handy, but it quickly becomes obsolete as your enemies increase in strength.

Mindblow Limit Break


Barret fires a large ball of blue energy from his gun, which depletes his opponent’s magic points. Such attacks often go unappreciated, but the Mindblow can turn a fierce magic user into a helpless wimp.

Level 2 Limit Breaks

Grenade Bomb Limit Break

Grenade Bomb

Targeting an entire group of enemies, Barret launches a deadly grenade into the enemy ranks. This is typically the Level 2 Limit Break of choice. It causes a decent amount of damage to entire groups of enemies.

Hammerblow Limit Break


Barret’s powerful punch sends an enemy into orbit. Barret can completely remove an enemy from combat with the Hammerblow, but the attack is best used against individual non-Boss monsters. The Hammerblow doesn’t cause any direct damage, so it’s worthless against Boss creatures.

Level 3 Limit Breaks

Satellite Beam Limit Break

Satellite Beam

Proving he has friends in high places, Barret calls for the ultimate air strike against a group of enemies. The beams hit for about 3,000 to 4,000 points of damage on each creature. Although this attack is greatly against a group of enemies, it’s considerably less effective against a lone attacker.

Ungarmax Limit Break


Lock and load! Barret dumps a large amount of ammunition into a group of enemies, causing massive damage. The Ungarmax hits more times than the Satellite Beam, but the hits are weaker.

Level 4 Limit Breaks

Catastrophe Limit Break


Barret uses his gun arm to hover over a group of enemies, and then burns them to a crisp with a super-heated plasma blast. As you might expect, this is the best of Barret’s Limit Breaks. It works well against a group or a single enemy. It does have one downside: Because the attack isn’t focused, a single enemy won’t feel the full force of the blow.