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Final Fantasy X starts out in the middle of the story, showing the party sitting around a campfire in silence. Just beyond the horizon is a ruined city, covered in pyreflies. Tidus, the game’s central hero, begins to retell his story of how he reached this place. He gives background narration for much of the game.

Tidus’s story begins in Zanarkand, an advanced metropolis with futuristic technology. He is first seen signing autographs for fans, thinking it is a normal day as the star player for his blitzball team, the Zanarkand Abes. Halfway through the opening match of the Jecht Memorial Cup (organized to honour Tidus’s father, Jecht, who vanished ten years ago), a gigantic wave enters the city, destroying everything in its path. The only person undisturbed by this is Auron, a man who has acted as Tidus’ mentor since Jecht’s disappearance. Tidus meets up with Auron outside the blitzball stadium. However, when Tidus follows Auron, he is shocked to see time stop, as a small boy in purple robes appears before him, speaking enigmatic words he does not understand: “It begins. Don’t cry.”

After the boy vanishes, Tidus continues after Auron. Auron reveals that the force destroying the city is called “Sin” and gives Tidus “a gift from Jecht”, a longsword. The two fight their way through the invading monsters on a city highway, and succeed in slaying the Sinspawn Ammes. When they reach Sin itself, Auron allows both himself and Tidus to be sucked up into its “maw”. Tidus loses consciousness, but not before seeing a brief vision of his father.

When Tidus awakes, he finds himself in a temple ruin. He escapes from the monsters residing within, then makes a fire to ward off the frigid air. Another monster attacks him, but mid-battle a group of strange people blow through the door and the leader of the group helps Tidus with the battle. Tidus tries to thank his helpers, but they speak a language foreign to him. The people capture him and bring him to their ship. Bewildered, Tidus demands to know what is going on.


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