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In Final Fantasy XIII-2, we are reminded that Lightning embraced her destiny and fought the false gods who would enslave mankind. It was a battle that changed the world. A brave few defeated the fal’Cie and saved mankind from destruction. Without the power of the gods to hold it aloft, Cocoon fell from the sky, and the cradle of humanity became locked in a frozen embrace with Gran Pulse, realm of monsters. The tyranny of the gods was lifted, and a new age began, but Lightning did not see the new dawn. She disappeared, at the very moment of her triumph. They all believed she was gone forever, never to return. Everyone, that is, except Serah Farron, Lightning’s younger sister. Serah clung to a different truth.

Three years have passed since the events of Final Fantasy XIII. One clear night, a meteorite strikes Gran Pulse and shatters the peace of the new era. Space time becomes distorted and terrible monsters attack through the rifts in the fabric of time. In the chaos that ensues, Serah is saved from death by a young stranger called Noel. He says he is a hunter who has crossed time and space to find her. He also asks Serah to go with him and travel the timeline to find her sister. Serah questions whether or not her sister is alive, fighting to save a dying goddess in a world of chaos and death.

It does not take long for Serah to make her fateful decision. She accepts the weapon that Lightning has gifted her, and resolves to follow this stranger into the future.


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