Square Enix Sets Official Final Fantasy XIII-2 Release Dates and Introduces Lightning Edition Ver.2 PS3 Bundle

Square Enix has officially set Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Japanese release date to December 15, 2011. It has also been confirmed that both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of FFXIII-2 will be priced at ¥7,980.

If this isn’t enough to increase your level of anticipation and excitement, it turns out that the PlayStation 3 version of FFXIII-2 is going to be released as part of some kind of hardware bundle entitled “PlayStation 3: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Edition Ver.2″, which will be priced at ¥37,960. The PS3 bundle will include a 320 gigabyte hard drive.

Here are a couple of images of what the FFXIII-2 PS3 bundle is going to look like:

Final Fantasy XIII-2: PlayStation 3 Lightning Edition Ver.2 Bundle Final Fantasy XIII-2: PlayStation 3 Lightning Edition Ver.2 Bundle with Controller

Despite all of this, it hasn’t been confirmed if this special PS3 offer will be made available in countries other than Japan.

Furthermore, Square Enix informs us that FFXIII-2’s release date for both North America and Asia is January 31, 2011. As for FFXIII-2’s European release date, it will be February 3, 2011.

This article was published on September 15, 2011 at 2:17 AM.
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